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Frequently Asked Questions

What do our yards buy from you?
Iron,copper, brass, aluminum, aluminum cans, dishwashers, stoves, washers, dryers, vehicles and more.
Will my car get stuck driving in?
All our locations make their best effort to provide a clean, organized, paved place for you to unload your scrap.
How do I get the most money for my junker car?
Can I scrap my car? Yes, you just need a clear title.

Do I need the actual title to scrap my car?

Yes. If the title is in your name but you lost it, you can go to your local Secretary of State office and get a duplicate for a fee. If the title is out of state you do need to have it in your name. Otherwise, we can accept MI titles not in your name for a $5 fee as long as they are signed off.


Will I get paid for my copper right away?

Depends. The State of Michigan has a law that states if your copper total for the day is over $25, you have to wait one business day for payment. We can either mail your check to a physical address or you can pick it up the next day. Checks for businesses are exempt from this rule.




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